Save money by changing your insurance policy

Berlin – Many consumers are insured far too expensive. They spend more than 1,000 euros too much for their insurance coverage. But there are insurances that are just too important for the right insurance portfolio to just give up. As an alternative, a change of insurance offers to providers who often offer comparable services at a much lower price.


Picture: Diagram in the business section 

The liability insurance, for example, is a must-have policy that can save a lot. A good liability insurance costs for a family with sufficient sum insured and bad debt coverage only about 60 euros per year. But comparable protection can certainly cost up to 150 euros per year. A change often not only saves money, but the insurance cover can also be adjusted if, for example, new risks such as a heating oil tank or a photovoltaic system have been added.

Even with the household insurance, money is given away. The rule is that favorable protection is good protection. A 100-square-meter apartment in a large city with a sum insured of 65,000 euros can already be insured for just under 73 euros annual subscription – or even more than 250 euros. When switching, however, it is important to pay attention to the fact that elemental damage is included. Especially in endangered areas such as floodplains, it could be difficult to get new protection on favorable terms. Next is to cancel the old insurance until the new contract is ready.

You can also save on term life insurance. The premium differences are immense. In a low-priced provider such as the Ergo Direkt insurance group pays a 30-year-old non-smoker for 150,000 euros insured per year about 87 euros insurance premium. On the other hand, this can amount to much more than 200 euros for the most expensive providers. Especially younger people without pre-existing conditions should quickly switch to one of the top providers with low premiums, because over the years, the premium benefits can add up quickly to some 1,000 euros.

You can also save by a building insurance comparison. In a new building or purchase, banks often cheat customers on expensive insurance because they benefit from it and get commissions. So you can sufficiently insure a ten-year-old house in a big city for just under 200 euros a year – or at the expensive provider for more than 600 euros. Here, too, the benefits of switching over the years add up to several thousand euros.



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