News Winners and losers through changes in social security contributions and taxes 2017

News Winners and losers through changes in social security contributions and taxes 2017

Tuesday, 31.01.17 , written by Bernd Lauberg Some people are currently wondering about their account balance. Because compared to last year, they suddenly have more net left over from the gross. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the basic allowance has risen, for example. On the other hand, reducing the so-called cold progression results in tax cuts. But not every employee  

Plötzlich mehr Geld auf dem Konto dank Steueranpassungen 2017

Suddenly more money in the account thanks to tax regulations 2017

Many tax changes this year leave many people with a little more net than gross. However, since at the same time the contribution assessment limits were increased, for example for the statutory health insurance and pension insurance, tax relief for good earners is eaten up by higher social security contributions . In 2017 they will be even more heavily burdened and pay.

All in all, the increase in tax adjustments is low, so that the enjoyment of families and normal earners who benefit from it should be rather restrained. With a simple trick, however, they can get a little more net from their gross income . Because with a change of health insurance can save a few euros. Although employees share the basic contribution for the statutory health insurance with their employees. However, they have to pay the additional contribution on their own. This varies between 0.3 percent and 1.8 percent this year. If the health insurance offers no special benefits, there is little to speak against a change.

Tip: How high the contributions are the health insurance in the respective federal states, shows the reference calculator.

Basic allowance, child benefit and co.: Why is there more net left over from the gross?

At the beginning of the year, the basic tax-free allowance for all citizens increased from 8,652 euros to 8,820 euros. No taxes are paid on this income. In addition, the child benefit and child allowance increase for mothers and fathers. However, the adjustment of the child allowance results in the end only two euros more per month.

In addition, taxpayers are relieved by reducing the cold progression. This refers to the effect that employees after a salary increase sometimes less money than before, because they have to pay more by a higher tax rate to the tax office. Especially if the higher income only inflation is to be compensated, this is annoying. Since 2016, this has been counteracted by adjustments to the tax rate. The tax rate drops slightly.

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Families and normal earners have a few euros more in the account

The tax adjustments leave many people with more net of the gross. But as the contribution to statutory long-term care insurance has increased at the same time, the increase is decreasing a bit . How high it can turn out in the end, shows a sample calculation of ZDF. A single mother with two children, with a gross salary of 2,000 euros, has around four more euros available, at 3,000 euros it is just under € 6.50 per month. Similarly, the values ​​for a single income with the same income, while being relieved slightly higher.

The higher the income, the greater the relief from the 2017 tax changes . A family man with a child saves at a gross salary of 6,000 euros over 25 euros. However, he pays more for pension, health and unemployment insurance due to higher income thresholds. In addition, there is the higher care contribution. The bottom line is a minus of about 18 euros per month.

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