How do you expose power guzzlers in the household?


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Not every consumer can call an intelligent electricity meter own and track power consumption in real time. Anyone who has a conventional electricity meter and still wants to keep track of the power consumption of household appliances, can fall back on various tools on the Internet. This way, power guzzlers can be traced and money saved.

Which devices consume the most power?

The biggest power guzzler is often not noticed: the heating pump. It pumps the hot water into the radiator and requires electricity for it. If the heating pump is out of date or installed incorrectly, it can unnecessarily consume more than 400 kWh of electricity. Therefore it is recommended to check the heating pump.

For heating pump check

Online current check of the dena

With the online household household check, consumers can check on the Internet how much power their own TV or computer wastes in stand-by mode. This informs the Initiative Energie-Effizienz of the German Energy Agency (dena) in Berlin, which runs the online check. There you can find out which device in the household in the standby state is to be regarded as power guzzler, what costs arise and how the costs can be prevented.

An average household can save around € 70 a year if power consumption is reduced. The website displays devices such as TVs, DVD players, receivers and game consoles. In a mask, visitors to the homepage can specify the type of device – for example, tube, plasma or LCD TVs – as well as the duration and frequency of use. According to dena then the personal power consumption is calculated. If the secret power guzzlers are exposed, the website gives tips on how to reduce power consumption.

Check power consumption

If you suspect a particular household appliance to consume a lot of electricity, you should think about purchasing a power meter. These are available in the hardware store from about 20 euros. With the help of such an ammeter, one can not only control the consumption of individual suspected power guzzlers. It can also be used to at least partially check the accuracy of the electricity meter.

For the fridge, measure for 24 hours

Who wants to check the power consumption of electrical appliances should consider special peculiarities of these devices. For example, a refrigerator is opened several times a day or repeatedly filled with uncooled food, which temporarily increases energy consumption. This must be included in the measurement with the help of special equipment. The Hausgeräte + initiative therefore recommends measuring for refrigerators for 24 hours. For other devices, however, a period of one hour is enough.

The operating costs of washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher differ depending on which program is selected and how full the equipment is loaded. Here, optimally, the power consumption of each variant should be measured individually to obtain an overall view of the electricity costs.

Who has older devices, should also record the consumption in stand-by mode, the experts recommend. Because before 2010, the power consumption was not legally limited.

Power meters are plugged like extension cords between the device under test and the power outlet. According to the Household Appliances initiative, most utilities lend their equipment to their customers.

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